Honeycomb collector
revolutionary solar thermal

Best value in cold climate or
industrial process heat

More heat per m² year round

20%-30% IRR for commercial
and industrial users

3-5 years ROI even without
government incentives!


TIGI – Heat-as-a-service for large heat users based on a revolutionary solar collector

TIGI developed a new type of solar thermal collector, efficiently generating heat even in cold climates and for high target temperatures. It proposes a field tested solution for the heat energy needs of large users – mostly commercial and industrial – that dramatically reduces energy cost and emissions as compared to the use of fossil fuel, with project IRR frequently > 20%!

Many people think that if electric power goes renewable the problem of greenhouse gasses is solved. In fact, heat (showers, space heating, industrial processes) represents ~ 50% of the world’s energy end use and is generated almost completely by burning of fossil fuels. Solar thermal collectors, the most notable renewable in the space, only generate ~1% of this energy – primarily for domestic hot water in the sun-belt, because of the low efficiency in other scenarios where most of the world’s heat is needed.

TIGI’s patented technology of transparent insulation minimizes energy losses and outperforms leading flat collectors 5X in these scenarios and can increase the penetration of renewable heat dramatically. TIGI’s solution is already installed at sites of multinational industrial players, wineries, hotels, and residential users in cold climate locations such as Norway. Patented, certified in Europe and the USA.

TIGI is introducing a scalable solution based on its innovative collectors and is now in the process of changing its business model to finance the systems for its customers and sell heat-as-a-service rather than the hardware. TIGI’s vision is to become a distributed renewable heat-utility company for the benefit of its customers and shareholders.