Honeycomb collector
revolutionary solar thermal

One stop shop for your water heating system

Best value in cold climate or
industrial process heat

More heat per m² year round

20%-30% IRR for commercial
and industrial users

3-5 years ROI even without
government incentives!


TIGI introduces the Honeycomb Collector, a new breed of solar-thermal (water heating) collectors that turns sunlight to heat. Our collector is unique in its ability to minimize energy losses to the environment, resulting in very high efficiency and economic value even in freezing winter conditions or for high temperature applications, where today’s high end collectors perform poorly.

TIGI targets large users of heat for applications such as space heating and cooling, industrial process heat, and domestic hot water including in cold climate.

Over 40% of the total end use of energy in most developed countries goes toward water heating for sanitary needs and towards space heating (which is most frequently based on circulation of hot water through radiators, under-floor pipes or fan-coils). TIGI provides an environmentally-friendly solution at a fraction of the energy cost of any other alternative for this vast energy market. TIGI’s solution can easily be retrofitted to most existing users’ heat systems.