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TIGI presents a new DHW system design at SMEThermal 2014

February 1, 2014

Berlin, February 2014

TIGI presented a preview of its concept for a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) system for Central/Northern European climates.

This innovative system uses the insulation advantages of TIGI’s proprietary Transparent Insulation (TI) technology for an Integrated Storage Collector approach, implementing a tank inside the collector. This results with lower initial investment, lower running cost for supplementary energy and lower maintenance expenditure. In this design, TI is used not only to improve performance of the collectors but also to reduce cost related to storage. There is also no need for an indoor space for tank.

With this system TIGI aims to offer a combination of highest performance and lowest overall cost, which TIGI expects to be very successful in the DHW marketplace – the largest current market for solar thermal collectors.

TIGI expects to launch this system during 2015.

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