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TIGI Receives an Order from Strauss for a Heat Generation & Storage System to Reduce Energy Costs and Lower Emissions

September 7, 2022

The system, based on TIGI’s Honeycomb solar thermal collectors will enable pre-heating for steam boiler water and help significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Strauss’ food plant 

TIGI Solar, a provider of renewable heat generation and storage solutions and services, announced today that it received an order from Strauss Israel, a subsidiary of Strauss Group, to purchase a heat management and storage system based on TIGI’s patented Honeycomb Solar Thermal Collectors.

The custom designed system which includes 160 sqm of TIGI collectors, will be used for pre-heating of steam boiler water, utilizing waste heat and using heat storage. TIGI’s system will allow Strauss to substantially reduce reliance on gas, thereby lowering emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses (scope 1 emissions). The project, with estimated scope of about 700,000 NIS, is endorsed by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction program of the Israeli Ministry of Economy.

TIGI offers renewable heat generation and storage solutions for large heat users – industrial and commercial. TIGI’s end-to-end solutions include: Innovative solar thermal collectors, heat pumps, managed thermal storage, control systems and cloud services, enabling improved energy utilization and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Based on a revolutionary transparent insulation technology developed by TIGI, the patented Honeycomb collector offers high efficiency when heating to target temperatures up to the boil, even in cold climate conditions. It is ideal for industrial, agricultural and commercial uses and provides a long life-term resulting in low cost per kWh compared to other solutions.

“Strauss is committed to the continuous improvement of its production processes, as well as identifying ways to significantly reduce harmful emissions.” Said Dave Rosenberg, Energy Director, Strauss Israel. “TIGI’s technology and know-how are effective in achieving both objectives in the near future and we are thrilled to initiate this important project”.

“Strauss is one of the most prominent food manufacturers in Israel, with high awareness of environmental issues. I am excited to cooperate with Strauss and to deliver a renewable energy solution that will provide financial savings and lower the factory’s greenhouse gas emissions.” Noted Zvika Klier, CEO at TIGI Solar. “TIGI’s systems are unmatched in optimally integrating various heat sources like collectors, heat pumps and waste heat, as well as providing smart heat storage for industrial processes.”

TIGI recently announced several new deals, among them a project valued at approx. 4.25 million dollars to install an industrial system in California, as well as several orders for the systems in Israel, including installations for a large defense company.

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TIGI develops renewable heat generation and storage solutions and services. It introduced a new type of highly efficient solar thermal collector and is a leading provider of commercially viable solar thermal solutions for commercial / industrial target temperatures even in cold climates. TIGI’s patented Honeycomb Collector produces year-round heat energy at lower costs than other alternatives including electricity and fossil fuels in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. For more information, please visit www.tigisolar.com


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