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TIGI’s honeycomb collector received SRCC certification!

August 1, 2016

TIGI is proud to announce that its honeycomb collector (HC1-A) received SRCC certification!

The SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation) certification (SRCC standard 100-2014-07) for TIGI’s HC1-A collector was granted after completion of a series of required tests to the collector’s performance, durability and safety. 

TIGI’s honeycomb collector is the first ever Transparent Insulation collector to receive the Solar Keymark certification. 

The collector is equiped with an integral proprietary overheating prevention mechanism and implements hermetically sealed case to prolong longetivity of high performance by avoiding “breathing” of humidity and dust.

Testing of the collectors was done by SPF in Rapperswil, one of the leading European research institutes.

The certification is another important milestone in TIGI’s product development cycle, it is an important benchmark in the introduction of TIGI’s product to the US market, and will also enable TIGI’s products to be recognized by US state-of-the-art rating system, to introduce a mechanism to develop consumer confidence and to take part in tax credit schemes and other solar incentive programs.

About SRCC

The Solar Rating & Certification COrporation (SRCC) is a non-profit organization, and is the only US national certification program established solely for solar thermal products. It is also the only national certification organization whose programs are the direct result of the combined efforts of state organizations and an industry association involved in the administration of standards.

The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation currently administers a certification, rating and labeling program for solar collectors and a similar program for complete solar water heating systems.

Read more about SRCC in the following link: 


About SPF

SPF Institute für solartechnik, located in Rapperswil Siwtzelrand is one of the leading research and testing institutes for Solar Thermal technologies.

SPF is officially certified by international certification organizations to perform testing for standards currently in force: EN 12975 (European standards), ISO 9806 (International standards), AS/NZS (Australian standards), OG-100 (American standards), Solar Keymark (official European quality hallmark for solar collectors) and SRCC (USA). The main categories of testing solar thermal collectors include performance, quality, hail, pressure drop, load tests and more.


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