The Honeycomb Collector

TIGI’s Honeycomb Collector is the revolutionary, new and most cost effective type of solar thermal collector available for demanding applications. It is highly efficient and cost effective, outperforming all other available collectors particularly in high temperature differential applications like space heating, industrial process heat, domestic hot water in cold climates as well as space cooling.

The collector is standard in the way it is implemented, connects to standard stands and piping and can be easily integrated in new and retrofit scenarios. TIGI-based systems promise low investment and short ROI. Please ask our representative to evaluate your specific situation here.

At the heart of the Honeycomb Collector is a polymer-made layer of transparent insulation (TI). The TI honeycomb substance is transparent to solar irradiation, allowing for energy to enter the collector and heat the absorber plate. However, it creates a layer of air that cannot circulate, thus dramatically reducing losses related to convection – the major reason for energy losses and lower efficiency of flat plate collectors at high temperature differentials. In addition, the polymer blocks back radiation in the infrared, thus further reducing energy losses.

Adding transparent insulation to flat plate collectors poses some engineering challenges, related in part to the high efficiency and resulting high stagnation temperatures that develop in the collector. TIGI has spent considerable engineering resources including joint work with some of the world’s leading research institutions to solve these problems and has filed for multiple patent applications guarding the solutions implemented in our unique collector.