Why us

TIGI brings a new type of enhanced, transparent insulation equipped, line of collectors, outperforming alternative collectors, especially in cold climate or high temperature differential applications.

TIGI’s collector should be compared with the two most prevalent technologies in the market today, namely flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors. The following graph shows gross efficiency of TIGI’s Honeycomb Collector vs. leading flat collector vs. leading evacuated tube collector: 


Honeycomb Collector vs. evacuated tube collectors

Honeycomb Collector performs on par or better than high-end evacuated tube collectors but at lower cost.

In addition:

The useful life of evacuated tube collectors is considered to be around 10 years or less, compared to over 20 years for the Honeycomb Collector.
Evacuated tube collectors are fragile in tough conditions (hail, transportation and installation) due to their thin glass, while Honeycomb Collector’s thick glass makes it resilient to such conditions.
Evacuated tube collectors require costly overheat protection at the system level, while Honeycomb Collectors enjoy major cost advantage due to their integrated overheat protection device (which eliminates the need for system level protection).
Evacuated tube collectors suffer from a dramatic degradation in performance, due to snow or frost settling between their glass tubes, and cannot be cleaned due to their fragile nature. The Honeycomb Collector does not face such problem.

Honeycomb Collector vs. flat plate collectors

Honeycomb Collector brings all the benefits of flat plate collectors, while producing up to 5X (!) more useful energy in cold climates and in high temperature applications!

Flat plate collectors and Honeycomb Collectors offer many benefits, including relatively low cost, long life expectancy (over 20 years), and good resilience in tough conditions (hail, transportation and installation).
However, in the cases where heat is most needed, namely in cold climates or in high temperature applications (such as space heating and cooling, industrial process heat, or domestic hot water in cold climate), flat plate collector efficiency is low to the point of negative NPV. In these cases, the Honeycomb Collector provides up to 5x (!) more useful energy generation (depending on location and weather conditions), and generates substantial savings.

Honeycomb Collector vs. all certified collectors in Europe

In terms of gross collector area required per kW, the Honeycomb Collector is ranked in the top 3 (and frequently first) when compared to all the Keymark certified collectors in Europe.

TIGI compared the gross collector area required per kW, in different application scenarios, where the temperature differential with ambient (ΔT) and solar irradiance (G) are varied. The analysis covered all the collectors certified by Solar Keymark in Europe by September 2011 (over 1,000 collectors!), based on their published efficiency. In all scenarios, the Honeycomb Collector ranked in the top 3 (and frequently first!), illustrating its versatility and unbeatable cost effectiveness. Honeycomb Collector’s advantage is greatest for space heating and industrial process heat, where it frequently generates the same heat energy as flat or tube collectors with 25% – 50% larger arrays! To receive more data from this analysis, contact us at sales@tigisolar.com.