TIGI completes installation of a solar system in another laundry in Kibbutz Izrael in Israel

Hod Hasharon, July 2017

TIGI, the Honeycomb Collector Company, today announced that it had completed another Commercial Hot Water installation.

The system – a 55 m² collector array provides heat for laundry hot water use of 5 m³ of water at 80 °C. In sunny summer days the system is designed to supply ~100% of the energy needs of the laundry. If needed, additional energy is provided by an on-line gas heater. The year round savings of gas is estimated at 70%.

The system’s economic analysis showed a very short return on investment (ROI) of approximately 4 years after which the savings paid the full cost of the system. The expected life term of the system is approx. 20 years. There is no subsidy for solar thermal installations in Israel.

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