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TIGI’s Honeycomb collector selected by USA – GSA to be tested in Federal Buildings

October 3, 2012

TIGI is happy to announce that its Solar Thermal Honeycomb collector was selected by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) as one of 12 technologies to participate in the 2012 Green Proving Ground (GPG) program that will test innovative technologies for potential operational savings in GSA federal buildings. The intention of the program is to identify emerging technologies that will increase efficiency and reduce costs in federal buildings 

GSA works with the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories to test the viability of energy efficient technologies that can be installed in buildings across the country. The technologies for the GPG program are selected for their potential to help reduce operating costs and to meet the sustainability goals in President Obama’s executive order on environmental, energy and economic performance. 

“The potential of the USA market for renewable energy is huge. We are proud to have been selected to participate in this visionary program of the GSA” said Zvika Klier, CEO of TIGI. “We believe that the enhanced efficiency of our Honeycomb collector will demonstrate substantial cost savings to the GSA Federal buildings, enabling the GSA to save both energy and taxpayer dollars.” 

As part of the program, GSA announced it will test and evaluate 12 emerging sustainable building technologies in select federal facilities. Results from these evaluations will inform GSA decision makers as to the potential these technologies have to increase performance of GSA’s buildings by reducing operational costs, increasing environmental efficiency, and assisting industry in deploying new technologies and practices into the broader market. This year’s technologies include wireless lighting controls, LED luminaires, glazing retrofit coatings, wireless pneumatic thermostats, solar thermal collectors and water saving landscape irrigation systems.

GSA has jurisdiction over approximately 9,600 federally owned and leased buildings across the country and has the real estate portfolio needed to broadly test and install these technologies.

For more information on the 12 new technologies selected for evaluation as part of GSA’s GPG this year, as well as results from last year’s program, visit http://www.gsa.gov/GPG.

For the GSA press release about the program, visit


For more information about GPG testing, visit


For more information about the Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory, visit http://www.nrel.gov/


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