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Of Galil Selects TIGI Solar to Launch first-of-its-kind Industrial Heat Electrification in Israel

July 19, 2023

TIGI Solar has been selected by Of Galil Ltd, owned by the Galilee Development Company – the largest food industry enterprise in the Upper Galilee, to install Israel’s first-of-its-kind industrial-heat-pump-based renewable heat system. The system includes thermal heat storage and cloud-based monitoring and management. It will replace a large Mazut-burning water heating boiler. The project, with a value of approximately 2.2 million NIS, spearheads the commitment of TIGI and its industrial customers to reduce emissions and curb its reliance on fossil fuels.

Moshe Ben Yishai, Vice President of Sales at TIGI Solar views the project as a significant leap forward in the company’s evolution within the heat production and storage domain. “We are very excited that Of Galil Ltd. has chosen us to design and implement this project. Similarly, the international potential for Tigi Solar is great, thanks to our comprehensive approach and unmatched ability to deliver end-to-end solutions that integrate not only heat generation from multiple renewable sources but also smart thermal storage and optimization using cloud services.”

Of Galil Selects TIGI Solar to Launch Industrial Heat Electrification in Israel

Gadi Nataniel, General Manager, Of Galil Ltd. states, “We are pleased to be working with TIGI Solar on this project as they are renowned for their comprehensive and advanced industrial solutions. This close collaboration, ushers in a new era of sustainable energy in Israel. By leveraging TIGI Solar’s pioneering expertise, Of Galil Ltd. is set to embrace a future marked by reduced emissions, diminished reliance on fossil fuels, and unprecedented energy efficiency.”

TIGI Solar’s innovative heat management solution encompasses a suite of advanced technologies designed to harness renewable energy sources, including innovative heat pumps with new refrigerants and compressors. For this project, Of Galil Ltd. benefits from a groundbreaking large-scale heat pump with a capacity of 720 kW, enabling efficient energy generation that can heat water to the high temperatures needed in industrial operations. The system also leverages waste heat utilization, smart heat storage capabilities, and cloud-based management and monitoring.


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