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TIGI Awarded the prestegious 2012 MCC Venture Award List Recognizes the Top Private Companies in Clean Technology

December 2, 2012

TIGI, the Honeycomb Collector company, today announced it was awarded the MCC Venture Award for 2012, in the 6th Munich Cleantech Conference

For the 6th time, technology network Munich Network hosted the Munich Cleanteach Conference in the Bavarian capital on November 22, 2012. This year’s event focused on “Innovation for the Energy Transition”.

A jury of four members (Dr. Andreas Breuer, Head of New Technologies, RWE Deutschland AG; Dr. Alois Flatz, Partner, Zouk Capital LLP; Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad, SVP Strategic Area Energy, Deutsche Telekom AG; Prof. Eicke Weber, Head of Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems) awarded the Cleantech Conference Venture Award to TIGI, out of dozens of applicants. Criteria for selection included amongst others value proposition, level of innovation, market size and revenue potential, business model and management strength.

As quoted from 6th Cleantech Conferece website: “Tigi’s innovative product Honeycomb Collector impressed the jury the best by combining high efficiency and material durability. The structure in between the glass cover and the absorber sheet is made from polycarbonates, which keep convective and radiative heat losses to a minimum. The TIGI technology leads to stagnation temperatures of 250 to 300 °C. The overheating protection is based on a separate pipe system with its own liquids on the collector’s back. This means it works whether or not water is circulating in the primary loop.” 

About TIGI

TIGI developed the world’s most efficient solar/thermal collector and the first to provide a commercially viable solution for cold and temperate climates based on transparent insulation honeycomb technology. TIGI’s Honeycomb Collector can produce year-round heat energy at lower costs than any other known alternatives, including electricity and fossil fuels in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

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