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Remembering Shimon Klier: A Visionary Leader and Pioneer

April 7, 2024

With great sadness, respect and admiration, we at TIGI honor the memory of our founder, chairman, and VP of technology, Shimon Klier. To honor his remarkable life and legacy, we would like to reflect on and celebrate the impact he had across multiple industries, and on all those who had the privilege of knowing and working with him.

Shimon was a visionary with a remarkable capacity to think big and far with no fear of tackling difficult problems. At the same time he was remarkably human and focussed on the people around him, always prioritizing values and fairness throughout his many achievements. 

A Polymath and Strategic Thinker

Shimon Klier was a visionary leader with an unrivaled understanding of the technologies and systems in many disciplines. He coupled his ability to think big and far with a capacity for intense focus that enabled him and his teams to develop rapid, innovative solutions across multiple industries. 

Shimon’s ability to grasp complex technological concepts and fearlessness in tackling difficult problems led to an impressive portfolio of exceptional products, services and companies. He had a quick and strategic intellect and used his multidisciplinary insights to support his teams in delivering rapid results.

Throughout his distinguished career, Shimon successfully filed dozens of patents across various industries worldwide, in incredibly diverse fields including solar thermal systems, software, medical imaging, and textile control systems. His contributions to the industry will continue to impact global engineering and technology far into the future. Some notable successes include:


  • AREL Communications, a software company that was traded on NASDAQ.
  • Medical imaging technology that was acquired by GE Medical.
  • A control systems company that became a leading player in the textile industry.

A Leader Across Industries

Shimon Klier had a hands-on leadership style and an inherently innovative mind that saw him holding prominent positions across a wide array of industries. Prior to founding TIGI, he served as the CEO of Argaman Industries, a leading chemical textiles industrial plant in Israel. The company achieved significant growth and success under his guidance. At Arel Energy, Shimon pioneered transparent insulation technologies, an essential advance in the renewable thermal energy domain and one which set new standards for efficiency and sustainability.


Shimon also led Imarad Imaging, a leader in medical device innovation. His tenure was marked by groundbreaking advancements in nuclear imaging technology, directly improving the lives of countless patients worldwide and creating a lasting impact on the healthcare industry.

Dedication to People and Values

Shimon was a polymath and leader across multiple demanding industries. While he dedicated his life to advancing technology and business, he was equally dedicated to upholding values of integrity and fairness. He will be remembered for his people-centric approach, and for always prioritizing the well-being and development of his employees and colleagues.


Shimon was also deeply committed to making a positive impact on society. He actively fought against climate change and worked tirelessly to reduce CO2 emissions, striving for a better future for the world. He was a devoted family man who cherished the time he spent with his loved ones and worked to find balance between his professional and personal life.

Accolades and Contributions to Society

Shimon Klier’s outstanding achievements and dedication to society were recognized with the prestigious Kaplan Award. His deep commitment to education and the arts also led him to serve on the executive committees of the Open University and Beit Zvi.

As one of the pioneers of renewable energy worldwide, Shimon’s vision for a sustainable future continues to inspire individuals and organizations around the world. His tireless efforts to promote clean energy solutions created a lasting impact on the global community and paved the way for a greener world.

As we at TIGI honor the memory of Shimon Klier, we are committed to carrying forward his vision, values, and dedication to excellence. We are privileged to build upon the foundation he laid. We are profoundly grateful for his leadership, his contributions, and for the many ways that he made our company, and the world, a better place. May his memory be a guiding light for us all.
Shimon Klier


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