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news > Team Israel wins first place for hot water at SD China – TIGI provided heat generating collectors!

Team Israel wins first place for hot water at SD China – TIGI provided heat generating collectors!

August 1, 2013

Team Israel also awarded 1st place for Energy Balance and 4th place overall!

The competition which took place in China during August 2013, included teams from 20 countries with one challenging target in mind: constructing a “zero energy building” – one that generates all of its energy it consumes independently. 

The prestigious project aims to achieve long term energy efficiency in China local construction industry. 

The competition was organized by the Chinese and US governments, and the evaluation criteria included not only energy generation and consumption, but also building aesthetics and standard of living.  

The design phase took over 18 months, and initial construction of the building was made in Israel. The building was then disassembled and shipped to China for re-constructioning. It was constructed by Team Israel on a 24mx24m area, and contained 70 sqm of living space (intended for w persons) and a patio. 

Zvika Klier, CEO of TIGI said: We are glad to have been selected to take part of Team Israel in this prestigious competition, and are proud our collector was selected to represent the team as one of the most innovative technologies developed in our country in the space of water heating in the past decade”. 



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