TIGI’s collector acheives excellent performance and durability results after 12 months multiple stagnation events!

Petach Tikva, 1 Dec, 2014

SPF released results of multiple stagnation testing over 12 months on TIGI’s collector

SPF Rapersville, the leading solar thermal testing institute, performed multiple stagnation and performance tests on TIGI’s collector over a 12 month period.

Durig this test period multiple parameters were tested, including Overheating Protection Device (OPD) functionality, collector performance parameters, efficiency losses and durability of the collector.

After the 12 month period, TIGI’s colector demonstrated outstanding results in all the tested parameters. The OPD proved to be working perfectly, The minor 1% decrase in Eta0 was defined by SPF as “briliant result” for a collector after 1 year stagnation, and the collector showed no signs of outgassing of humidity.¬†

SPF mentioned that based on experience with other collectors, the above are good indicators that the collector and the OPD will work as expected, also for a much more prolonged time of operation.

Click this link for the detailed report.